The Living Organisation :

Awareness and Action

Being more aware of the patterns of experiencing, thinking and action (our own, the team’s the organisation’s) helps us to acknowledge the existing Current Reality (what is going on right now) in full and to take responsibility for our part in creating that reality.

Enhanced awareness is powerful on it’s own. A recent client team commented that being more open with each other about how difficult they were finding the current situation and the scale of decisions they needed to make, somehow made it easier.

A wider and deeper awareness of all aspects of Current Reality supports better quality decision making. However, on it’s own it is not enough.

There are 10 crows sitting on a log. One decides to get off. How many crows are left on the log? The answer is 10 – until one actually gets off.

Heightened awareness on its own is the equivalent of remaining sitting on the log. New ways of experiencing and thinking need to be integrated with new forms of action out in the organisational system for useful change to emerge.

My role as Consultant is to help you notice and become curious about:

  • What you pay attention to and the “quality of the figure.” For example, does the current topic feel sharp or fuzzy?
  • When you might be overdoing thinking and awareness (insufficient action?)
  • When you get stuck in decisions/action (insufficient awareness?)
  • When you effectively integrate your thinking and action.
  • How you close one topic and move to the next (or get stuck on one topic – – – or – – – other patterns.)