The Living Organisation :

My Stance and Presence

The primary aim is to support the organisation’s goals and mission by enhancing performance and satisfaction.

It is critical to start with a clear focus: What do you want to achieve with the intervention and how does that support the business objectives?

I am optimistic. At heart, optimism is about how to embrace the unknown. I am often called into organisations in times of difficulty and uncertainty. In such situations, my belief is that supporting people to fully experience and acknowledge the current reality whilst also holding to the absolute belief that change is possible is what allows something new and more energetic to emerge.

Ambiguity, change, emotion, difference etc are all part of the day-to-day reality of life in organisations, much as we sometimes like to pretend otherwise. The trick is to be able to acknowledge and contain these under-currents to develop good quality “Thinking Space.” Good quality decision-making and effective action can then follow.

My experience is that change flows most easily from a place of competence and strength. Knowing and acknowledging what you do well makes it easier to then explore and build awareness around what is not working. Both need to be acknowledged and integrated for change to emerge.

I am acutely aware of the ethical dimensions to this work. I offer lively and thought-provoking ways for individuals to engage with their own experience, with each other and with me, whilst supporting each individual to continually take responsibility for making their own choices re how they engage.

Finally, I bring lightness, laughter, warmth and sincerity to all my work.