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Client Feedback

Alan works with C-level executives, leaders and managers in a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, oil, SME, construction, IT, information, charity and public.

He offers four services to business:

  • 1-1 Executive Coaching
  • Systemic Team Coaching
  • Whole system approaches
  • Coach training and development

“Completely invaluable for an entrepreneur”

Client: Ed Molyneux, FreeAgent Central
Background: One-to-one Executive coaching and systemic team coaching (from start up to present).

When I founded FreeAgent back in 2007, I thought the act of entrepreneurship was purely a functional one: a sequence of activities and decisions that, from nothing, add up to a business that can sustain itself.

I was wrong, it’s as much an emotional journey. Blind optimism and a thick skin are key parts of entrepreneurial psychology, otherwise we would all give up at the first hurdle. Piercing that armour to allow in doubt and fear requires a different, more challenging conversation to the one that happens in everyday business. I’ve worked with Alan on that conversation over a number of years, and found it often uncomfortable and awkward but completely invaluable.

Alan holds up a mirror, and provides a safe place to talk about what I see. And he’s very good at it.

Ed Molyneux

“A successful engagement”

Client: Martin Mutch CEO Rocela, Keith Bell MD, Rocella

Background: 15 months Systemic Team Coaching (to end 2012) to support the Exec team in readying the business for sale. Sale achieved in January 2014.

A successful engagement. The best management development I have ever experienced.

 Martin Mutch & Keith Bell

“Able to deliver positive results quickly”

Client: Andrew Macgovern, Vice President, Talent and Development,(IP and Science), Thomson Reuters
Background: Executive Coaching and Systemic Team Coaching, during large scale business change.

Alan’s approach to all his engagements is based on an extremely strong focus on the impact his coaching is going to have on the individual but then refreshingly the impact that his coaching is going to have on the business as well, something which I find lacking in many coaches and is probably due to his experience in Systemic Team coaching. He is direct and challenging and able to deliver positive results quickly in the individuals he works with and to build strong relationships with other stakeholders in the business because he speaks the same language as them. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Alan and would strongly recommend him as an executive coach.

Andrew Macgovern

“Business of the year”

Client: Janet McKerral, Director, Global Steel Business
Background: Worked together for a year around self, team and business strategy.

As a director in a Steel Company, I worked with Alan who, coached, supported and challenged in a time of dramatic business change.

His honest feedback helped me to reshape a new team and turnaround business performance, resulting in securing business of the year.

Janet McKerral

“Very insightful and very stretching”

Client: Walter Simpson, VP, Well Engineering and Operations, BG
Background: A year long executive coaching engagement to support Walter’s transition into the VP role.

Very insightful and very stretching. Gave me models, techniques and frameworks that helped me to understand people and situations better and gain insights and the encouragement to try them out and practice them. Coaching has been both very useful and really enjoyable.

I couldn’t have got the change piece to where it is without this coaching. The work has been very high value, helping me to think through my behaviours, understand them and them in myself and others.

 Walter Simpson

“I am more adaptive and effective as a leader”

Client: Pauline Strachan, COO and Deputy CEO, NHS Grampian
Background: One-to-one Executive coaching over a year focused on personal impact, leading teams and contributing to and influencing Board strategy.

Working with Alan has been life-changing for me. Sounds dramatic? Yes, but let me explain.

I was fortunate to have been offered Executive Coaching when I took up a new role at director level. I wished to get the maximum out of the experience. Alan was professional without fault and used his considerable expertise to guide my development, at all times allowing me to work through the difficult issues. As a consequence I am more adaptive and effective as a leader, I am clearer in my thinking and I have gained a toolbox of strategies and tactics to achieve my objectives. Furthermore, my colleagues have noticed and appreciate the change and best of all, I enjoyed it – thank you Alan!

Pauline Strachan

“Calm, friendly and relaxed approach”

Client: Stuart Abbs, Director Aerospace Europe, Exova
Background: Executive coaching engagement to support Stuart’s transition into the Director role.

I spent a year working with Alan, his calm, friendly and relaxed approach led to me developing my self-awareness and improving my leadership skills. I still smile every time I approach a stressful situation, recalling Alan’s “Pause for reflection” techniques before tackling a problem.

Stuart Abbs

“Cathartic and life changing”

Client: Colin McBeath, MD, Quercus
Background: A four month executive coaching engagement to develop SME business strategy.

Cathartic and life changing. For anyone with a busy life, I’d highly recommend working with Alan. He’ll challenge your preconceptions and focus your attention on the things that really matter. I found the whole experience, challenging, exciting and above all liberating. For anyone with a busy life, I’d highly recommend working with Alan. It’s changed the way I work – go for it – you won’t be disappointed.

Colin McBeath

“Think through, prioritise and rationalise”

Client: Ken Cochrane, Dean, NES, NHS Scotland
Background: A 6 month coaching engagement to support transition into retirement.

I really enjoyed the experience and wish the opportunity had come earlier.  It was a new experience, made all the more valuable by Alan’s ability to make me feel at ease and bring interesting ideas to the table in a variety of ways. He was able to rapidly pick out the areas of need and provide mechanisms to help think these through, prioritise and rationalise.

Ken Cochrane