The Living Organisation :


Nothing can change in a business or organisation unless people’s behaviour changes.

Viewing organisations as “iterated patterns of interaction between people,” brings into focus the relational core of organisations where much change happens, and helps to explain why strategic change initiatives, if they do not include and integrate a focus on the Human Dynamics of change, normally fail to meet expectations.

Change is about you choosing to behave differently as well as about you (as leader) thinking strategically about getting others to do things differently. Perhaps frustratingly, you are not in control of the whole process. But you do influence it.

Ed Nevis writes of Organisational Development as being “the practice of high impact micro-level interventions in the service of broad scale (macro level) performance improvement” My role is in supporting you and those you work with to try out behaving differently with each other, in order to improve your individual and team performance in order to improve the performance of the organisation.