The Living Organisation :

As a Consultant

As a professional Organisational Consultant I bring:

  • Direct knowledge and experience of managing and leading in organisations
  • In-depth knowledge, experience and training in the philosophy of/practical approach to intervening with individuals, groups and systems
  • Self-awareness re my own patterns of perceiving, thinking and behaving

I know what it is like to manage and lead in a busy organisational setting.

I have also examined in-depth the process of change and development for individuals, groups and organisation starting from the perspective of my own experience of change as an individual in various teams, groups, organisations and training settings. I don’t believe it is possible to operate as a “blank screen.” Therefore, I need to be skilled in managing my own processes of perception, emotional response, cognition and action.

The work must be effective and ethical both for the organisation as ultimate client and for the people involved. My aim in the work we do together is improved overall business performance allied with improved individual performance and satisfaction.