The Living Organisation :


Your change effort will flow from your strategy and mission. What are you in business to achieve? How do you intend to do that? What culture, capability and leadership will this require?

Our focus is on improving organisational performance by helping your people learn how to work more effectively together.

We work with you to:

  • Identify what’s working and build on it
  • Clarify strategy
  • Communicate and explain your thinking
  • Identify sticking points
  • Encourage engagement with resistance
  • Develop strong performance cultures
  • Develop confident and capable leaders
  • Develop high performance teams

Resistance to change is seen as an energy to be engaged with, rather than the enemy. People might be resistant to our plans for change, but how resistant are we to attempts to change our plans?

Change will happen if we can harness all of these energies, adapting the plan as we take our ideas into action and learn more through this process of engagement in the system.