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Executive, Business, Leadership Coaching

“A good Coach helps you figure out how to bring your energies into play.”

Coaching is different to reading a leadership book or talking things through with a friend or colleague (useful as these can be.) Professional Coaching is a form of “Action Learning,” where we work together in an on-going relationship, building a “Thinking Space,” for learning through direct experience and encounter, and focussing on you taking action in the business to become more effective in your role by:

  • Broadening and deepening your awareness of your experience in the business and of patterns in the business
  • Building your awareness of existing and emerging patterns in your own awareness, thinking and action
  • Acknowledgement of your own part in what is happening thus increasing your range of options
  • Experimenting with new thinking, learning and action

Momentum Builds as the Relationship Develops and Strengthens

  • Current, specific issues and challenges are worked on in the developing “Thinking Space,” which strengthens over time
  • Awareness of and responsibility for your own patterns and part in what is happening develops over time, allowing the work to broaden and encompass both specific issues and challenges and learning that has broad applicability
  • Momentum builds with a cycle of learning, new action and more learning, integrated as part of your on-going everyday work in the system
  • Consolidation of awareness re existing and new ways of perceiving, thinking and behaving and the results these get for you
  • A different Leadership Presence leads to new opportunities
  • Thinking Space is now internalised i.e. you do it without me

The aim is different action in the system that enables productive and satisfying outcomes. The specific learnings and actions that contribute to this will be unique to each individual.


  • Clarity of Strategic focus (where to invest your energy)
  • Strategic action and awareness in action
  • More robust relationships with key people (enhanced Emotional Intelligence)
  • Enhanced Leadership Presence (e.g. how you deal with ambiguity, difference,strong emotions etc)
  • Managing own invidual-organisation tensions creatively
  • More oomph, productivity, vitality and aliveness

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