The Living Organisation :

Questions for Leaders at All Levels

The focus of leadership varies according to role. Whether you are the ceo, lead a senior team, manage the accounts department or are about to step into your first leadership role your focus will be related to your specific context and role. And, there are also some generic themes and questions:

  • How do you lead yourself?
  • What is your Leadership Presence? Do you think about this?
  • How are you evolving as a leader? How are those around you evolving? What attention is being given to this?
  • Do you see youself as part of what is happening? Do you seek to influence by changing your own approach?
  • What discourses of leadership are common in the organisation. What are the implications?
  • Do you “look awry,” and notice patterns of activity in the organisation?
  • What is your own model of leadership? Do you embody this model?
  • What is your pattern of relatedness in the organisation? Do you think of relationship as a key business activity?
  • How do you work with difference? Is there enough difference? And how do you generate alignment?
  • How well do you tolerate uncertainty and “not-knowing”?
  • What quality of Collective Thinking Space is there in the organisation?
  • Are you able to act?