The Living Organisation :

Developing A Coaching Culture

The effectiveness of Coaching as a 1-1 methodology has been clearly demonstrated in studies. Asking “How can we get this happening throughout the organisation?” has naturally followed.

One of my Clients conducted a major study into the effectiveness of Coaching in the organisation. They distinguished between three forms of Coaching development:

  • Professional Executive Coaching provided by skilled external Consultants
  • Training managers and leaders to blend a Coaching approach and Coaching skills into their day-to-day job
  • Training internal Consultants to act as internal Coaches

They found that the first two approaches were highly effective, but that their level of investment in the training of internal Coaches (12 days off-site training) was insufficient.

Working to develop a “Coaching Culture,” through training managers and leaders in Coaching Skills is the common approach. My experience is that as with all Organisation Development interventions, running skills training programmes in isolation will not achieve the shift in culture desired.

The commitment to the shift in culture needs to come from the top and be continually demonstrated. Individuals need to directly experience the effectiveness of good quality Coaching. This experience combined with skills practice and on-going, supported Coach practice and development in the business generates commitment, energy and good results.

Specific experience includes:

  • Working from Executive Team down in a £500 million UK company to develop a Coaching culture.
  • Working as AoEC ( faculty on the flagship Advanced Diploma programme.
  • Dozens of Coach training programmes for leaders with a number of Financial Services companies.